Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Got A tag from Irel

Tuesday September 25,2007

Hello ate thanks for tagging me you know this is my first time i receive a tag, this is good and hoping to receive more tags hehehe.

How true is it? that body builders have small penis?

I think it depends on the situation, in some situation it can be happened and some situation not like for example if a builder make only training only for the arms and chest area so i think it doesnt affect other parts of the body as well as the organs. thats all i can share thanks again for the tag.

and now im asking everyone

What is the best element of a lasting relationship?


irel said...

Hello day lyn salamat s apaganswer sa tag day:) and here's my answer to your posted question
"There's different kind of relationship, love, friendship, even work. If we are
talking about love and friendship then the best element is "LOVE" when you
you love someone you give them them respect and it chained to loyalty,
honesty and other wonderful traits. As for work Respect and honesty is the
key! even for building a relationship with other mankind Respect is needed!"

Robelyn said...

your welcome ate, salamat pod kaayo sa pag answer sa akong pangutana. keep in touch byeee.

kookie said...

hehehehe makatawa ko aning question oi dah tc dhay robe hug

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