Sunday, March 23, 2008


my first easter with snow

easter in white

hmmm yummy

Alex and Anja with their easter baskets

taken at grand Ma and grand Pa living room
with their presents

I wish you all guys a Happy Easter.
and thanks again for dropping by
and for leaving your footprints
here i'm so happy for that.God Bless Click Here to Read more ...

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Hello everybody! How are you? I hope everybody is doing fine.
well today we have again snow, my son Alex is very happy when
he come up and then look outside and its all white. wow, he
said mama can i have my breakfast now? because im very excited
to play the snow outside.

Before we drive to the nursery school he played outside for
few minutes. He dont care how cold outside the only important
for him, he enjoyed playing the snow.

I myself also love snow its so nice to look when all is white,
as long as not so many then its ok for me. as what i've seen
in the weather news i think it is possible that we have easter
in white.

Here are some pictures from today morning. I wish you all
guys A Blessed Holy Week. enjoy your stay.

I want to thank you to all my friends and visitors for dropping by
and leaving their footprints i really appreciate it. i love u all
im happy for having this opportunity. and i want also to say sorry
that im not always updating my blog coz got busy with my kids and
etc. God Bless You All Click Here to Read more ...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Monday To EVERYONE!

Hello guys good morning to all of you,
today i'm still so tired because my baby girl wake up so early
in the morning, at 5 am she's already awake so whether i like
it or not i have also go out from bed. yes thats life.

I wish you all a very nice monday and enjoy the whole week
and thank you for visiting me and for the nice messages your
leaving on my page. take care and God Bless...

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