Sunday, June 24, 2007

Filipina summer fest in Passau, Germany

Hello everyone i just want to share some pictures taken from our summer fest yesterday june 23, 2007 and i hope you enjoy viewing it.

Our fest started in the afternoon and ended at 12:30 midnight. at first coffee and cake time we have so many different kinds of cakes and also some filipinos specialties and then started the program with drawing contest for the kids and more games for kids and adults,for adults like beer drinking contest, maria went to town and more but sad to say i was not able to take pictures from them coz i got busy with my kids.

And we have bingo game with interisting prices and after bingo take a little bit break and then dinner time and after the dinner the most awaited part of the program
talent show and after the talent show is disco time till the end of the party we have a lot of fun with our friends and visitors... so guys i just hope u dont get bored viewing our pictures hehehe bye God Bless Us All... Click Here to Read more ...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The A B C's of Friendship

A.....Accepts you for who you are!

B.....Believes in you!

C.....Calls you just to say Hi!

D.....Doesn't give up on you!

E.....Envisions the whole you!

F.....Forgives your mistakes!

G.....Give unconditionally!

H.....Helps you!

I.....Invites you over!

J.....Just like to be with you!

K.....Keeps you close to heart!

L.....Loves you for who you are!

M.....Makes a difference in your life!

N.....Never judges you!

O.....offer support!

P.....Picks you up when you are down!

Q.....Quiets your tears!

R.....Respects you!

S.....Says nice things when you need to hear it!

T.....Tries to always make you smile!

U.....Understands you!

V.....Valuses you!

W.....Walks besides you!

X.....Gives you lots of XXX's!

Y.....Yells when you need to listen!

Z.....Zaps you back to reality Click Here to Read more ...
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