Thursday, August 23, 2007

Anja's 1st Birthday August 15,2007

Hello to all my friends i hope everybody is doing fine, i just want to share some pictures from my little girl 1st birthday. before i plan to have a big party on her 1st birthday but i dont know what's happening to me suddenly idont have party feeling so we decided not to have big one only my auntie and her family and also the family of my husband, but even if no big party we enjoy together and for me that is the most important.
My first reason why i want to make a big party because i want to be equal to my kids,
because my son's 1st birthday we had a big party, and i want her also to have big one,
but i said to my husband i'm sure she will understand it later why no party on her special day, is not that i dont like the work because if we make party so many things to do, i love it but this year i only wish to rest i got always busy with my family,
sometimes i have only a simple wish to have a rest and have enough sleep hehehe its not a joke... here are some pictures i hope you enjoy viewing it. thanks

i really love baking cakes
u want to taste it?
hmm ano sa tingin nyo sarap ba?
birthday girl
samantha want to kiss her but....
alex want to congratulate anja but she dont like it. suplada ano?
picture plsssssssssss
just looking the cake hehehe
my cousin sharon and samantha,my auntie elena my daughter anja, my cousin sylvana and melina my husband's niece
my auntie want anja to blow the candle but anja don't want it
just having fun with the candle
anja with my auntie and her kids
yummy my birthday cake bake by mama
Anja with my cousin samantha and sharon


genny said...

wow food i miss that food.

Robelyn said...

Hello gen thanks for dropping by..God Bless.

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