Sunday, October 05, 2008

Group Tour in Austria

Hello to all my friends and visitors here. its been a long time got no update
of my blog just getting a very hictic schedule with work and family. I hope everybody is doing good. I just want to share some pictures from our two days
trip in Austria. I take some pictures from the city and from the farm museum we visited. Thank you for viewing
Amstetten austria

Amstetten Austria

some old kitchen utensils

Farm museum

Farm museum moos baron,Austria

Playing time

Dinner time

Farm museum in moos baron, Austria

Here are some of our pictures during the second day. Of our group tour
hope you enjoy viewing it.
in hotel room

in hotel where we stay

Happy Alex

sonntagberg, austria

inside sonntagberg church

Sonntagberg, Austria

Kräuter garten

with my little boy alex

inside seiten stetten church

Little rest with my darling

Seitenstetten, Austria

I wish you all a very nice sunday and thank you for dropping by
and for leaving your footprints. i just want to ask sorry if i cant
visit you immediately as i've said im getting so busy now. thanks once
again and may God Bless Us all...


Lily said...

Hello Robelyn,

Passing by here wishing you and your family and lovely week-end. ka nindot sa mga pictures nga imong gi share Dae Robelyn. dako na kaau imong anak.

Naa diay ko award nimo Robelyn kuhaa lang niya kong naa kana dako nga time. I know mothers like you busy gyud permi. prehas diay ta.
take care and God bless.

Lily said...

Thanks for sharing all the great adventures of your family.


Tey said...

wow thans for sharing your tour.. It's so nice to look at the pictures. I am jealous
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