Wednesday, April 02, 2008


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Hello to everyone just want to share about my 30th birthday. Yesterday April 1 we celebrated my 30th birthday. First i want to thank our GOD for another year given
to me, i'm so thankful for all the opportunities He has given to me.

My 30th birthday is very special to me eventhough i dont make a big party but
what important is that the whole family is happy. A million of thanks to all my friends and relatives for making my day so special i'm so touch and don't know
how to express my feelings. once again thank you here are some pictures just
enjoy viewing it.

The beauty of 30

My one and only

My favorite for long life LOL

from hubby

I made it myself

I wish you guys a nice stay and thank you so much for leaving your foot prints
have a great day. take care


vinkoy said...

belated happy birthday.. kalami pud ana imong cake oi.. :D

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

belated happy bday gyd robelyn,

ka romantic n loving ni bana kanindot sa iyang bulak sa gugma.

as usual, lami kayo imong pansit-tanghong-behon.....busog ko ug lantaw.

wow, schwarzwälder kuchen, lamia ani uy....gahini nya ko ha?

bye n regards dha tanan,,...

Malou said...

Kalami sa imo giloto Robelyn, willkommen sa linya ng 30 Dhay.....ang imortanti maayo lang lawas...... ka sweet naman ni Ludwig dah.. hehehehe.....

Lily said...

Hi Robelyn belated happy happy birthday nimo.

Pasensya kana ha late na gyud ni akong greetings nimo unsa-on na busy man gud ko karon mao karon lang ka laag nimo. I love the pancit they look yummy.I also like your flowers and cake.

Enjoy the week-end.

Robelyn said...

hello vinkoy, ate vicki,ate malou and lily thanks for the birthday greetings. i really appreciate all of you guys. thanks again

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