Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Review

Yesterday here in Passau Fuerstenzell was so beautiful day the sun shines and
very nice to go outside. so we decided to drive to ( Czech Republic) which is 70
kilometers away from us. to take a look and to buy some asian foods.

the main reason why sometimes we drive there to buy more rice because there
is not so expensive compare here in germany. on the way home we drop by M'c
Donald's to take our lunch, my son love always to go to M'c Do he is so happy
that we go there. the most important is for me that the whole family is
enjoyng the day.

here are some of our pictures.

I want to thank you to all my friends and visitors for dropping by,
and for leaving their footprints i really appreciate it and i'm so
happy for that, even though we don't meet in person but all of you is
already part of my life thanks again.

I wish to all of you guys a great week.

1 comment:

Lily said...

Hello Robelyn passing by in ur pplace,I love Jasmine rice as always my all time favorites lucky me we had Jasmine rice in our local grocery. pero the rest wala. ok lang basta naa rice. thanks for sharing this pictures of your week-end get-away, Im sure both kids loves them.take care always,and enjy the beautiful tuesday.

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