Thursday, January 10, 2008


You can give your children houses,
You can give them lands;
The treasures of your efforts,
And all your best laid plans.

But of all that they inherits,
Of all that you could will;
Please include the everlasting treasure,
Of a life that God has filled.

Because the greatest gift a father can give,
Is a life lived for Jesus;
And the greatest gift a mother can give,
Is the knowledge of the Lord.
Pass Him on to you children,
He is the gift that keeps on giving,
The greatest gift is a life lived for Jesus.

Someday your houses may crumble,
Time will turn the land to dust.
All your bank accounts may be empty,
Then... Where will you invest their trust?

But if the truth that your children inherits,
Is the life and wisdom of God's ways;
Then, the gift you leave your children,
Will last through all their days.

1 comment:

Lily said...

Hello Dae Robelyn, musta kana been a while na wala ko na saag dinhe pero I try gyud maka laag sa tanang mga higala sa kahanginan.
Nice one Dae Robelyn the best gift was the life and wisdom of God's ways. that is really true.

anyway you take care and enjoy the whole week. hugs and kisses to your kiddos :-)

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